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A Different Way to Ask "How was your day dear?"
February 04, 2014

I hope this finds you all well. It's been a busy, somewhat personally stressful start to the new year for me. And yet, still I feel very blessed by the love of family and friends-- and the opportunity to support those struggling in their relationships.

In this newsletter you'll find alternative questions to "How was your day?" that will do wonders to deepen your intimate, emotional connection. I also review the short e-book by Brent Atkinson, Habits of People Who Know How to Get Their Partners to Treat Them Well.


Tools & Tips: Different Ways to Ask How Was Your Day?

Let's face it. Sometimes marriage over the long haul can become...well..boring. We find ourselves doing the same things day in and day out, having the same kinds of brief check-ins following the work day. But couples who keep a strong bond know how to have deeper kinds of conversations than just "How was your day?"...and it doesn't take any more time. It's just more interesting!

Here are some questions to help you break out of your routine. They might seem strange at first, but pretty soon it'll be normal. And, they're great to do with your kids too (instead of, "How was school?" "Okay")

1. What made you laugh today?
2. What was the most frustrating thing about your day?
3. What was the one thing you wish you could have done today?
4. What was the best thing about your day?
5. What was the most interesting conversation you had today?
6. What would you love to do right now?

Once you get started, the options are endless. Give it a shot. Likely you'll see how much deeper the conversation goes in a short amount of time.

Book Recommendation: Habits of People Who Know How to Get Their Partners to Treat Them Well

I spend a lot of time on Brent Atkinson's site, The Couples Clinic. He has terrific resources and articles. One in particular I love is his article called, Habits of People Who Know How To Get Their Partners to Treat Them Well. It provides a terrific overview of the mindset it takes to communicate as well as step by step instructions(we're talking flow chart!)on how to confront your partner on issues much more effectively. It's a phenomenal resource for couples and I highly recommend it.

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