Summer is fast approaching and I'm looking forward to barbecues, hikes and camping trips. It's a great time to think about how much fun you can spend with the one you love.

Speaking of summer fun, think about heating up your sex life! Check out information on the 7 day Sex Challenge and my article on getting your sex life back on track.

Also in this newsletter is another book recommendation called Just Do It!

Tools & Tips: Getting Your Sex Life Back on Track!

Has your sex life been a little dull lately, or worse - non existent? This happens to many couples over the years who are just too tired and stressed from parenting, jobs and life to connect in the bedroom on a regular basis.

But, the truth is the benefits of taking regular time out for this kind of intimacy and connection far outweigh our excuses. Many people will tell me "Oh, it's just not that important to me" or "I really could care less about it." But, the question is not whether your care about sex or not, but whether you care about your closeness and connection with your partner. Sex is an integral part of our romantic connections. When we do it, we release hormones that help us feel close. Want your communication to be better? Have more sex. Yes, I know that it's hard to want sex with your partner when you don't feel close to him or her emotionally or have built up resentment. Those "out of the bedroom problems" need to be dealt with. But, part of the solution to those problems is keeping up your sexual connection.

So - How do you get back on track?

1. Keep sex on your mind with books, toys, movies, emails or texts to each other.

2. Schedule it and stick to it no matter what.

3. Just do it - whether you feel like it or not (I'm not talking about forcing someone). Most of us, when we're tired or stressed, don't feel like it. But, if we lived our life when we "felt like it" most of us would spend our lives as lumps on the couch. Once you get going, you're usually glad you did!

The 7 Day Sex Challenge

Bloggers Tony and Alisa from One Extraordinary Marriage are hosting a 7 Day Sex challenge for couples. The challenge? Have sex for seven consecutive days! The event starts June 6th and goes until June 12th. They will be handing out prizes and providing support, advice and sex tips.

Why not have a little fun and take on this challenge? To find out more information and to sign up, click here

Upcoming Couples Class

Next Couples Class starts June 2nd! If you know any couples who might be interested forward this newsletter!

Couples Class

Build a relationship you love by learning the skills you need. We'll talk about communication, learning to see each other's perspective, creating closeness, and identifying those relationship killing behaviors.

Wednesdays, June 2, 9, 16 and 23rd from 7:00 to 8:30p.m.

4155 E. Jewell Avenue, Conference Room Denver, CO 80222

Call (720) 210-5452 or

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Book Recommendations!!

The 7 day sex challenge has inspired me. I'm reading a book called Just Do It by Denver Post writer Doug Brown. It's about how he and his wife Annie had sex for 101 consecutive days! Gasp! The book is hilarious, sweet, erotic and insightful. Not only can we learn to push past our excuses (yes they have two kids and a crazy life like most couples) and just do it; we also can find deep emotionl connection with this kind of devotion. I highly recommend it!

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