Couples Communication Classes

Are you wanting to take couples communication classes because you're tired of arguing all the time? Do you feel like your partner never listens to or understands you? Are you sick of having the same discussion over and over and feeling like it never gets resolved? Are you afraid you're becoming more and more distant from each other?

Join me and other couples in these couples classes, where you will earn all about communication and so much more! You will learn how to:

*Take personal responsibility
*Shift your point of view about yourself and your partner
*Fight fairly and de-escalate destructive arguments
*Deepen your connection
*Understand each other’s emotional needs
*Bring back romance, passion and play!

Plus, you'll learn the single most important tip for creating the loving relationship you want through better communication!

This class is packed with tons of in class exercises, tools and tips to help you get the relationship you want through better communication and connection!

Classes are 90 minutes long held on three consecutive weekday evenings. This is not group therapy and couples are not expected to share with others (outside their partners) about relationship issues; however, I encourage couples to share, ask questions and express support of one another. You will be assigned homework in between the sessions to practice the skills that are presented in each class.

It's fun and a rewarding way to focus on your relationship and learn new skills.

What to expect in this Couples Class:

*Classes are relatively small with typically no more than 5 other couples
*Homework will be assigned after each class
*Water, tea and other snacks will be provided
*Some couples share a lot; others are more private
*Some teaching of skills (lecture style) and lots of couples exercises to give you the opportunity to explore with your partner

Tuesdays, January 21, 28 and February 4th
7:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.
$35 per class or $89 for all three classes (prepaid)

4155 E. Jewell Avenue
Denver, CO 80222
(720) 432-4409

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Check out the following FREE article, Seven Habits of Good Communication. We will be using the elements in this article and information from my e-book, Honey Let's Talk: A Couples Guide to Improving Communication

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