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Want to become more fully alive in your life or your relationship? 

Hi! I'm Karen Holland and I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with years of experience working with individuals and couples struggling to make their lives and their relationships better.  

You may wonder how to create a happy marriage.  You may be struggling with how to get along, create more closeness or how to heal from an affair. 

As an individual, you may be struggling with stress, traumatic experiences, anger, depression or anxiety and just want to get unstuck.  

Let me help you become more fully alive in your life or your relationship (or both!) 

Reinvent Your Relationship with Your Partner

Learn More About My Services to Help You:

  • Break out of bad communication patterns
  • Learn how to trust each other
  • Become more emotionally in tune
  • Rekindle romance and passion
  • Let go of resentments

Reinvent Your Relationship with Yourself

Learn More About My Services to Help You:

  • Become more fully alive
  • Get unstuck from repeated patterns
  • Release anxiety and even chronic pain
  • Ease depression and stress

Check out my new book for new couples! 

Newly engaged or just starting out your life together? Smart couples learn how to start off right!

  • Tons of tools and information to build a solid foundation
  • Hundred of questions to help you explore all the major topics like finances, in-laws, parenting, sex, closeness and conflict!

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