10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

If you're newly engaged or have made the next step in your commitment, it's easy to overlook the essential questions to ask before getting married.  Often when couples are newly in love, they either don't think about digging deeper or they don't want to because they're afraid of messing things up!   But happy, healthy couples learn how to both embrace conflict and be honest with each other.   It's important to start these habits early in your relationship.  In my new relationship guide for couples, "We're In Love!...Now What? The Essential Guide for Building Your New Life Together" I give you hundreds of questions, tools, and stories to help you explore all the big topics in your relationship.   Out of the hundreds of questions in this book, here are my top ten essential questions to ask before getting married! 

Top 10 Essential Questions Before Getting Married

1. How does your partner support you in getting your emotional needs met and/or living your life’s purpose? 

2. What’s your vision for how you want to live your life? What are the next steps you want to take in your life?  Where and how do you want to live? 

3. How is your life better because of your partner and/or relationship?

4. What bad habits (if any) are you willing to change regarding how you handle when you’re upset or in conflict with each other? What is your partner willing to change? 

5. What’s something your partner does to help you feel better when you’re upset? 

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6. What financial secrets have you not yet shared with your partner? 

7.  Do you want to have children? Does your partner want to have more children? If yes, how long do you want to wait? If one of you does and one of you doesn’t, how are you handling this? 

8. How accepted do you feel by your partner’s family? 

9. Do you have any issues in your relationship now that if they continued (or occurred) feel like a deal breaker?  Imagine it’s 5+ years from now and you don’t come to a resolution, what do you think will happen?

10. Is there something nagging you about your relationship that you don’t want to face?  What do you tell yourself about this issue? 

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