Well, we're solidly into the new year. I'm feeling that spring fever and loving being outdoors a little more lately.

In this issue, don't miss my Tools & Tips article on, "Self Care" and some updates to my Practice.

I know it's been a while since I've reached out to you in this way. I hope this finds you well.

Tools & Tips: Self Care: Your Relationship Will Thank You!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear you saying. We all know that we're supposed to take care of ourselves. But do we? And, have we considered the impact of all this stress on our relationships and families?

Ask yourselves: Are you finding yourself a little more short tempered lately? Do you find yourself sighing a lot? Daydreaming? Feeling so overwhelmed you just want to sleep or zone out?

It's time for a little TLC. Here are some ideas:

1. Massages. Unless you hate to be touched, the benefits of therapeutic massage are endless (for men too). Schedule one today. Massage Envy provides very affordable massages. If you're in the Denver area, my colleague Jenny Adams is fantastic!!

2. Cleanse your body. We build up toxins, from foods and the environment and our body starts to experience more stress and inflammation. A gentle, whole food cleanse will help you lose weight and leave you feeling energetic again. Check out my colleague Susan's Gentle Cleanse. You can access her class/coaching from across the country.

3. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Sometimes I just sit in the sun and breathe. It may be, on any given day, the only thing I can do to de-stress. Breathing and letting go of what we're holding onto is probably the most powerful daily exercise we can do. See the book Radical Acceptance for strategies in acceptance and letting go.

4. Take a trip. When's the last time you planned a big or small vacation? Get it planned, even if you have to wait a while! And, to make it even less stressful, use a travel agent. It's free and they do all the research for you! For wonderfully, skilled assistance, my friend, Brenda Jimenez will help you plan your next great vacation.

5. Laugh! And then laugh some more. You know what I do when I start feeling pretty stressed out? I watch Modern Family. I love that show. I will also watch the Daily Show or the Simpsons or some show that is just silly. I even found America's Funniest Home Videos the other day just hysterical. Laughter, as they say, really is the best medicine. Find something to amuse you and then repeat until relaxed.

Practice Updates: Website Features, Phone Coaching, etc.

Some of you have been subscribers for a while and may not know all that I have available in my practice.

Did you know I do phone or Skype coaching? Not only do I provide relationship coaching, I also do dating coaching (helping others find love in the online dating world!) with people across the country. If you know someone out of state that you'd like to recommend me to, forward them this newsletter!

Also, I am in the process of building several relationship quizzes for you to assess how you're relationship is going. Check out these relationship quizzes!

I have also increased my hourly rate by ten dollars. All current clients will remain at their contracted fee unless absent from ongoing counseling for more than 3 months. I am doing this because, as a licensed therapist, with several years experience, my fee is pretty low for the Denver Metro area. But, I do want to keep my fees reasonably affordable. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my fees and services.

Book Recommendation!

I've recently circled back to exploring the book, The Five Love Languages. It's such a powerful book on helping you identify how you want to be loved and cared for, as well as how to give to your partner.

Check out the website. It has free quizzes on there to help you identify your style.

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There's lots to read these days and certainly not enough time to read it all. Tuck this blog away for those times when you really need to read something to get perspective on your relationship.

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Also, I'm offering free articles to those who request them. Articles are entitled: "Communication: Making Your Relationship Work," "Building Closeness in Your Relationship." and "Affair-Proofing Your Marriage." Stay tuned for future articles on other topics available by request. Click on the following link to get your free articles!

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