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Coping with Loss: Getting through Life's Hard Times
May 14, 2013

Well, it appears that summer might be fast approaching after what seems like a really long winter. I hope this letter finds you well.

In this issue, I explore ways to cope with loss of any kind, the loss of a job, a marriage, a loved one, even our own sense of stability. Having faced my own version of loss recently, I got up close and personal with what really works to help move through the hard times.

I am also announcing a whole new set of couples classes starting Saturday mornings June 22nd held each month from 9a.m. to 1p.m.

And!! Guess who has a new little e-book on Amazon? It's called, "Honey Let's Talk: A Couple's Guide to Improving Communication." I write about it in this issue's Book Recommendation!

Happy reading...

Tools & Tips: Coping with Loss of Any Kind

If you live long enough, at some point we all have to cope with some kind of loss. It might be loss of a marriage, a job, a love, our sense of stability. It might be the loss of life of someone dear or perhaps the loss of your own limb (I’m mindful so often recently of those Boston marathoners…). Each kind of loss has its unique path and yet loss is all the same too. It just hurts. You know, it’s that “can’t-eat-or-sleep-or-focus” kind of pain. It’s no wonder we call it “loss” because we just feel lost during those times. In the middle of it, it seems we will never recover. Never feel joy again. Life as we know it is gone. The future we thought we were going to have, vanished. We hold onto some hope that “things will get better with time.” But sometimes being reminded of a future of “feeling better” only magnifies the current loss even more. “I don’t want to feel better. I want him/her/it back!”

Having experienced loss recently, I’ve needed the following coping strategies to feel a sense of equilibrium once again. In combination, over time, they really do ease the pain.

1. Reach out to your support network—your friends, family, coworkers, Facebook community, church community, therapist/mentor/clergy, a sacred place- whatever and wherever as long as it’s supportive. Ask them to pray for you or keep you in their thoughts. Ask them to do things with you. Show up on their doorstep. Cry on their shoulder. If it’s a sacred place, let the healing powers wrap around you. During the good times, cultivate your network of support. Show love and gratitude and create time for the people in your life. Sooner or later you’ll need them.

2. Let yourself ride the waves of all the feelings and just be in it, whatever “it” is. Anger. Despair. Confusion. Numbness. Terror. Aimlessness. Bitterness. Hopeful. Grateful. There’s no use resisting the feelings. And having said that, like I said, ride the wave—don’t let yourself drown in any one particular feeling. Feel the nuances of loss fully and then let yourself move on to whatever feeling or state of being comes next. Even it’s well…nothing. Emptiness is part of it too. We have to trust that something will come next and whatever comes is what’s supposed to be. If you feel joy for a while, let yourself be joyful. When you get dropped back into mind numbing grief, well, it’s time to grieve again. It just is. And, eventually, if you ride long enough, you start to feel a sense that you can cope with the next wave.

3. Practice gratitude often and with wild abandon. Feel it. Express it to everyone and everything. Pray to God. Thank your lucky stars. Notice the small and big ways human beings take care of each other. Focus on the good in life and all the ways your life could be so much worse. For most of us, it really could be so much worse. During the worst of my despair, gratitude was the only thing that helped get me moving again.

4. Cultivate an overarching philosophy about life that helps guide you and find your sense of purpose. It’s this philosophy that helps you move from being lost to found again. It is often your faith in God or something bigger than yourself. But it could also be guiding principle that helps you put things into context. For me, in addition to my faith in the awesome power of God and the Universe, I believe in embracing and loving my life exactly as it is. This doesn’t mean I don’t work to change the things I want to be different. But, my suffering comes when I hate the circumstances of my life more than I love and accept all that is good and all that isn’t good about my life. When I can accept and love all that comes, I feel a deep sense of peace.

Couples Classes for 2013!

Announcing the next series of Couples Classes! I'm offering them Saturday mornings, 9a.m. to 1p.m. $90 per couple. There's a different topic each month. Check it out!

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Stay Close! Building & Keeping Friendship and Intimacy
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Book Recommendation: Honey Let's Talk: A Couple's Guide to Improving Communication

I've just released a new little e-book called, Honey, Let's Talk: A Couple's Guide to Improving Communication.

I wrote this book to help couples both understand what's really causing their communication to break down and to give them more concrete tools so that talking through problems doesn't have to be so dang hard! In this book, you will learn:

* How your point of view about yourself and your partner affects communication

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* Seven habits of good communication

* What to do when you’re really upset

* Guidelines to resolving problems

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