Well, the Holidays are quite suddenly upon us and I'm finding myself wondering, once again, where the time went this year...

In this issue, see my article on gratitude and appreciation. Yes, it's that time of year when we try to be thankful; thankful for what we have and for those in our lives.

Also, see my book review on Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson, a wonderful book for couples on healing wounds and building emotional closeness.

Tools & Tips: Apprecation & Gratitude

These days, thanks to Oprah and others, the term gratitude gets thrown around a lot. Sometimes it's to the point where I wonder if we really absorb what gratitude and appreciation can do for our health and relationships.

Here are some tips and reminders about gratitude:

1) When you find yourself absorbed in negative thoughts about your life or your loved one, shift your thoughts to something you're grateful for about your life or that person. This stops the downward spiral and helps you keep a more balanced perspective.

2) To aid in restful sleep, keep a journal next to your bed and write down a few things you were thankful for that day.

3) It really does help our relationships when we share spontaneous feelings of gratitude. It's a treat for others when they feel like they've delighted you suddenly. And, it extends your feeling of gratitude for a lot longer when you speak it or acknowledge it in some way.

4) Being specific about praise and gratitude helps shape behaviors we want to see in others. Things like, "Oh that's just what I wanted you to say or do! Thank you!" or "Wow, that bedroom looks great. I really appreciate that."

5) I often hear something like, "Why should I thank him or her for doing something they're expected to do?" Well, sometimes being thanked for doing the mundane daily chores is exactly what we need when we're feeling stressed, bored, or generally unappreciated. Give the gift of every once in a while thanking your spouse or your kids for doing the dishes, filling bottles, putting gas in your car, picking up the living room, etc.

6) Consider instating an "Appreciation Day" for your partner and kids. This is a day where the person gets to do what they want (within reason!) and are generally catered to. Make sure you get that day too! We all need to feel pampered in whatever way makes us feel good.

Bottom line: appreciation makes both others and ourselves feel good. So go ahead and delight someone with your gratitude. It will make both your days!

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Book Recommendation!

I recently read the book, Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson. It's an extraordinary book for couples who especially need help healing wounds and building emotional closeness. She takes the approach of healing our attachment wounds that we create with each other and helps you have healing conversations. If you feel stuck in a dance pattern of feeling deeply hurt and frustrated, then likely you both are continuing to trigger wounds you have from early in your relationship or early in your lives. I highly recommend this book for helping you change the dance.

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