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In this issue, I share the "Stinkin' Thinkin'" traps that can get you in trouble in your relationships. I also share a review of the book "Love in 90 Days" which is a wonderful book for all of you looking to find the one.

Tools & Tips: Get Rid of Your Stinkin' Thinkin'

When we're in stressful situations with our partners, we all can fall victim to "Stinkin' Thinkin'"(ST). ST is the distortions in our thinking that keep us in a negative spin. See if you can find yourself in some of the following. And, if you do, notice and stop it. Our thoughts are very powerful. Once we shift our thoughts, our actions follow.

1. Tunnel Vision – When you filter out the important parts of the picture, usually the good part.

2. Assumed Intent - When you engage in mind reading or make assumptions about the motives, desires and feelings of your partner.

3. Magnifying – When you exaggerate or make things worse than they are, overgeneralizing

4. Global Labeling – When you pin a negative identity tag on your partner – stupid, lazy, crazy, selfish, etc.

5. Good vs. Bad – When you label behavior good or bad, right or wrong, instead of seeing the complex needs, feelings and motives that lie behind most behaviors.

6. Fractured Logic – When you make a big conclusion from very little evidence-- "Because s/he did this, it means that" (and that is usually something big and bad).

7.Control Fallacies – When you either assume you’re responsible for all the problems, or that you’re helpless and your partner’s responsible for fixing things.

8. Letting-it-out Fallacy – When you assume that your pain is your partner’s fault and think that s/he deserves to be punished for it.

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Book Recommendation!

I've recently read a fantastic book for primarily people who are in the dating world and wanting to do it right this time. The book, Love in 90 days, takes love hopefuls on a journey in self esteem building, identifying what Dr. Diana Kirschner calls the Deadly Dating Patterns and dating no less than 3 people at a time. It provides logs, online dating advice and tons of exercises for support.

If you are someone or know someone who is struggling to find "the one", I highly recommend this book!

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