Change Up Your Costumes

It appears, by the overstocked orange packaged candy in the grocery stores, that Halloween is fast approaching. Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. I'm just not that creative in the costume department. And, I suppose lurking are some traumatic memories of tacky, handmade costumes that I'm quite sure provoked ridicule from childhood classmates.

But, I've recently begun to appreciate the opportunity that comes with Halloween. It's a chance to change up the "costumes" we wear on a daily basis and be something we're not. If we're shy or quiet, we can be daring, wild, bold! If we're always loud and obnoxious, well we could become something tame or even hide behind a mask.

I would call myself on a day to day basis a reserved person. Apart from the expansiveness that comes with a few too many glasses of wine or a topic of conversation that fires me up, I'm pretty mellow and somewhat introverted. So last year when I dressed up as a Roller Derby girl, I enjoyed being perceived as "that kind of girl." And this gave me a chance to expand my sense of self-- both for me and for my husband. See, we tend to believe that our personalities are "fixed" and "we are who we are." And, to a certain extent that's true. But, it's also true that we can be anyone we want to be and this provides endless opportunities in our lives and relationships. We can, indeed, change it up every once in a while.

So, I'm inviting you to send me some outrageous costume ideas for this Halloween. I could use a little outrageous!

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