Change: Whether You Want To or Not

Recently my husband and I, on a quest for better health, got some extensive food allergy testing done. Oh my. Change indeed. Basically our life we knew in relation to food is gone. No more nights out dining on sushi. No more of his mother's delicious dinner rolls. No more scrambled eggs. We've landed squarely in the land of Gluten free! Soy free! Dairy free! The only bean either of us can eat for a while is the lima bean. Lima beans? Great.

This got me thinking about what commitment really means. A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me this article on being committed vs. being interested. Basically, when we're only interested in losing weight or taking up the piano or starting a new business, we play at it for a while until things get inconvenient or hard. When we're truly committed, we do it whether we want to or not- when it's easy and when it's hard.

I realize how much in my life I am interested in various changes and truly committed to very little. But, there was something about taking this on with my husband, hand in hand, that made me know we're both truly committed. We're committed to our own health and that of the other. We're committed to making our life the best we can and living this life for as long as we can - together.

In relationships, whether it's tackling paying down debt or stopping the crazy arguments or healing from a big mistake, committing together to face whatever needs to be changed is really the only way to get through the rough spots; through the times when it's inconvenient or it's really painful or it's really boring or, well, when you're faced with eating a whole lot more carrots than you really care to.

So, when you're looking at doing something big. Grab your beloved's hand and say "Pass the lima beans, please. Let's do this!"

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