Date Night

Once I had a great date night with my husband. We went roller skating. I don't think either of had been on skates in 20 years or more. It was comical. Just us and the teenagers(who whizzed through us with ease and indifference)!

But as we moved around the rink together, I felt a surge of love for him, for us. Our experiences that night reminded me so much of our relationship as a whole. Marriage really. It's wobbly at times, scary, exhilarating, joyful and a little exhausting too. When we got tired, we rested. We poked fun at each other. We winced when one of us fell and helped each other up.

And we laughed and laughed.

I've been reading about the importance of play lately and what it means for our brains and our social and emotional development. Play is about exploring the world, testing the expanses of it and ourselves. It's joyful and freeing. Playful experiences in relationships serve to insulate couples from those inevitable stressful times when life isn't much fun. It gives us a chance to relax and be childlike together. It builds up the positive experiences to help offset the negative ones.

So, for a great night out with your partner, follow these tips:

1. Do things that are silly or high adrenaline. Go roller skating or disco dancing or sledding together. 2. Do whatever it is that makes you play like you did as a child. 3. Find activities that are not only fun but also help you focus on each other too. Activities like paddle boats, two person kayaks or row boats, tandem bikes are ways to be physical and be physically close. 4. Try eating in unique settings such as having an outdoor picnic, eating in your car at a 50's diner type carhop or at inspiration point. Or anywhere in a beautiful natural setting can be a way to add special ambiance.


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