Deepen Your Bond Through
Rituals and Traditions

The holidays are an excellent time to deepen your bond through rituals and traditions.  Couples and families who create regular traditions tend to be more deeply bonded and even stay together longer.   It’s something adult children with strong family bonds will frequently comment on: “When I was a kid, we used to always do this on Christmas…”  It gives couples a sense of “we-ness”and contributes to a family’s sense of identity.  And, when holidays become stressful and demanding, those traditions can be something to look forward to! Whether you have been together one year or 20, it’s never too late to start a new holiday tradition.

10 Ways to Deepen Your Bond through Rituals and Traditions:

  1. Volunteer (toy drives, homeless shelters, pet rescues, etc)
  2. Donate to a charity
  3. Attend church or spiritual event
  4. Make a craft or art project that symbolizes something meaningful for your family
  5. Play outdoors together to mark the season (like sledding!)
  6. Pick out an ornament or other token to represent meaning for this particular year’s events
  7. Prepare the same food dishes that everyone loves
  8. Travel to a particular destination each year
  9. Create special ways to give gifts (white elephant, stockings, secret santas, etc)
  10. Put on a play, musical or talent show

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