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Looking for Denver Marriage Counseling?  

If you're on this site looking for couples counseling likely you and your partner are struggling in one or several areas. You might be arguing all the time. You might be struggling to cope with big changes such as having a baby, moving to a new state or the loss of or change in jobs. You might be facing infidelity or you just don't feel "on the same" page. Sometimes couples find themselves living as roommates with little to no romance, passion or sex.

You are not alone.

Many couples face the following challenges:

  • Parenting struggles
  • An emotional, physical or online affair
  • Balancing demands of work and home
  • Low sex or sexless marriages
  • Frequent or intense arguments
  • Feeling lonely, misunderstood and frustrated
  • Loss of passion, spark or feeling "in love"
  • Financial, family or job stress
  • Impact of substance abuse, grief, depression or anxiety

I specialize in working with couples just like you. I know you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated and worried about your relationship. Most of you still want to make it work. Some of you are really doubting you can overcome the obstacles.

Do you wonder if you need couples counseling? 

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Do you wonder what happens at denver marriage counseling?

I'm here to help you!

In Denver Marriage Counseling, I teach couples how to:

  • Let go of resentment! 
  • Learn what it really takes to fall back or stay in love! 
  • Break bad habits and creating new, healthy patterns that cultivate closeness and intimacy! 
  • Learn how to continually reignite the passion and romance!
  • Help you both take personal responsibility and deepen your commitment!
  • Better manage your conflict and improve communication

Whether you're on the brink of divorce or just feeling the need to get back on track, I can help your relationship heal and thrive again!

Here's What to Expect in Denver Marriage Counseling

denver marriage counseling

Couples should expect to participate for 10-20 sessions.  

When we first meet, I need to gather lots of information so that I can best help you.  To accomplish that, the first session is 90 minutes and I will learn the nature of your struggles, your overall history, your ups and downs, what made you fall in love and what you really want.  After that first session, I like to meet with each individual separately for 45 minutes each (you can come at separate times).  This is so I can get an opportunity to understand who you are (your family/past history) as well as your perception of the relationship without your partner present.  

After these first three hours of assessment, I will ask you to commit to further sessions so that we can do the work we need to get your relationship back on track.  

"Karen is the sole reason I am still married, and SO happy in my marriage. She is a completely neutral sounding board, but gently guided me into seeing what I could do better in my marriage, and what my triggers and insecurities are. She is a gentle, calming presence, and I feel like she truly cares about mine and my husband's well-being. I always feel less stressed and happier when I leave my sessions with her. I can not say enough good things about her, and recommend her without hesitation!!!" -Client

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In addition to Couples Counseling, I also offer the following services:

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Don't wait too long! Believe me, it only gets worse and you can get the help you need to get your relationship back on track.  

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