Fighting the Blahs

I am "blah" today. I didn't even want to write this post because I am "blah." I want to search mindlessly on the Internet or watch a dumb movie or do just about anything other than work.

But sitting next to my lap top right now is a book called The War of Art and it's egging me on. In fact the Esquire quote on the front says, "A vital gem...a kick in the ass." It's telling me to do my work anyway. I am.

The book is about breaking through your blocks-- blocks to anything you know you need to get done--whether it's writing a book, a blog, sticking to a diet, going to the gym, starting a business. These are the tasks or goals that have a funny way of luring us into resistance, and resistance, according to Stephen Pressfield, is the enemy to accomplishing our dreams, however big or small.

I believe it. I'm still resisting. I resist doing the little or big things to care for my relationship. I'm resisting work on some business goals and tasks. I'm especially resisting going out to pull weeds. I hate pulling weeds.

But what I like about this book is that the answer is simple: It's doing it (whatever "it" is) anyway, whether you want to or not. As I tell my clients, if we lived our lives based on whether we "felt like it" or not, we'd get nowhere. We'd be lumps on the couch watching Family Guy 24/7.

And so here I am, doing this blog post anyway. I suggest picking up this little book. If anything, it will get under your skin enough so you actually pause before picking up that remote or letting Google take you far far away.