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Dear Clients,

On this page you should find everything you need to get started as well as find ongoing support while you are working with me.  

Getting Started

Step One:  Set up a free 30 minute consultation or your first Intake appointment by accessing my secure Client Portal.  

Step Two:  After you set up your first appointment, you will have access to all the intake paperwork you need to fill out before your first session.  This is submitted and stored electronically in my secure client portal through Simple Practice.  

If you wish, you can print these documents, fill out by hand and bring into your first appointment.  

Please see your Notice of Privacy Rights per HIPPA requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for information on my hours, location and approach to  counseling.  

Payment Arrangements and Detailed Pricing Info

 My fee is $120 per 60 minutes and $180 for 90 minutes for traditional individual and couples counseling (For Premarital Counseling please click here for more details).   I offer a package discount of 5 one hour sessions for $500. 

For couples counseling, we meet all together the first time for 90 minutes and then I ask that you each come in separately for 45 minutes each (for a total of three hours of assessment). 

Payment Methods

I accept cash, check or credit card including HSA credit cards, which I can keep on file in an encrypted online vault.  If you have a PayPal account, you can also pay me via Paypal if you wish.

Client Homework & Resources 

Here are links to various kinds of homework either I will assign or you may choose to do at your discretion.   

Questions that Deepen Emotional Connection

Questions & Statements that Help Your Partner Feel Understood & Supported

Building Gratitude & Appreciation Assignment

Partner Caress or Bonding & Sexual Intimacy

Building Your Awareness of Your Partner's World (the Love Map)

Magic Five Hours

Looking forward to working with you! 

All my best,