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This free advice includes exercises and detailed tools and tips on making your relationship strong by using good communication skills. You will learn in the article Seven Habits of Good Communication how to better validate each other’s perspectives and feelings, how to stop being critical and defensive and exactly what to do when you're too upset to talk!

In the article, Building and Keeping a Close Relationship, I will teach you how to let go of behaviors that put distance in your relationship. I also give you lots of ideas on the kinds of behaviors that will keep your relationship close and strong.

If you want to prevent an affair or wonder if you're partner is having an affair, the article, Affair Proofing Your Marriage, will give you the information you need and help you know what next steps to take. Affairs are at the very least hard on relationships, and can completely destroy them. Don't let an affair happen to your relationship!

Finally, I give you the article, From Roommates to Playmates: How to Get Back Sexual Intimacy. This article helps you find out what's in the way of having a fulfilling, active sex life and outlines the steps to take to get it back on track!

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