Going Down to Grow Close!

Wait, wait, wait! Is she seriously talking about, you know, doing that? Yes, yes I am. Specifically, I’m talking about performing fellatio, giving head, a blow Job. My personal favorite term (and technique!) as of late: sucking the mango. I remember my mentor a few years ago assigning my fellow colleagues and me the following task: Give a daily blow job to your partner for one week. There was silence. And then I believe from one of us, “Huh???”

Sometimes you just have to trust. And, I’m asking you to trust me. Just try it.

Men, if you’re reading, I know you love me right now. Ladies, you’re likely skeptical about how this could actually make your relationship closer. I know you’re thinking: But what do I get out of this?

While I can’t say exactly what you’ll get out of it, here’s what I found in myself and with the many couples I’ve worked with who have done this:

1) To do this with loving service, you likely have to give up resentments and minor irritations that have built up. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to give up those resentments when you just choose to give to your partner like this.

2). To do this for your own pleasure, what you may find is how much of a turn-on this can actually be. Here’s a tip: When you’re going down, focus only on your own pleasure—what sensations you feel in different areas of your body. Believe me, it will change how you give head and what pleasure you can get from it. And, your man will be very pleased.

3). By doing this on a daily basis for a week, you’ll see what excuses you both will generate to bypass a sexual encounter and if you’re committed, you’ll suck it up and do it anyway (pun intended). This will be a powerful lesson in maintaining an ongoing, active sex life.

4). Your partner will be so delighted and surprised that he will very likely be more helpful around the house, more attentive and eager to please you. To your request, “Honey, I need you to paint the guest room, put in a garden and organize the garage,” you should hear a sweet, “Yes Dear!”

5). You’ll see how much fun you can have with this kind of “quickie” sexual encounter. Surprise him in the shower. Meet him at his office for lunch. Wake him up in the morning. It adds a little spice to an otherwise mundane week.

It’s only a week. It’s a great experiment and it may do more than you thought possible for your relationship and overall connection. Oh, and if you want to learn more about the technique “sucking the mango”, send me an email!