How to Get a Boyfriend

Wondering how to get a boyfriend? Whether you are struggling with a series of dead end relationships or have never really had a boyfriend, you can follow these steps find your man!

Step Number One: Be fabulous! Be your best self in and out. Go shopping for a few great outfits that accentuate your figure, get advice on great makeup and hair.  Do the things you love to do.  Take up a new hobby and engage in those activities that give you a sense of inner peace, make you laugh, get your blood pumping or just give you pure joy!   When you look your best and you do the things you love, you radiate the kind of energy that attracts people to you.  

Step Number Two: Envision the man and relationship of your dreams. Write it down.  Tell supportive friends and family about your vision.  Believe it, pray for it, meditate on it.  By doing this, you're asking the universe (or your higher power) to assist you in giving you the love you deserve.  

Step Number Three:  “Turn your light on” when you’re out and about. Smile at men regularly. Make eye contact.  Say hello. Strike up conversations.  Flirt! Flirt! Flirt!  How to get a boyfriend means you have to actually engage men on a regular basis!

Step Number Four:  Consider one, some or all of these dating options:  

          1. Online dating! It’s the number one way people are meeting these    days.  You can try free sites, paid sites.  Some are better than others and many offer free or discounted deals.  Check out this great ebook on it written by my mentor, Dr. Diana Kirschner, called "Find Your Soulmate Online in Six Simple Steps."  

          2. Use to find local activities in your area.  You can find hiking groups, ski groups, singles groups, dog lover groups-- lots of group to match your lifestyle and interests.  

          3.  Participate in activities,classes and events that are male dominant.  Go to sporting events (college or rec leagues are a lot cheaper than professional events).  Take a business or entrepreneur class.  Participate in real estate or financial investment clubs.  All of these activities tend to have more men than women who participate.  

Step Number Five: If you want to know how to get a boyfriend and all else fails, get more support.  You may be able to get great support from a good friend who’s willing to be your “wing man” or help you with your look.  If you don’t have someone in your life like that, consider hiring a dating coach like me who can help you with all these steps, help you feel great about yourself and get rid of those toxic dating patterns or self doubts that sabotage your chance for love!.  

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