How Giving Are We?

Relationship Quiz

Take the following relationship quiz, "How Giving Are We?" and use the following rating system.

Enter a number between 1 and 5.

5= Always
3= Sometimes
1= Never/Infrequently

See bottom for explanation of your results.

1.We know exactly how to express love to each other in a way that we both feel really loved.

2. When we have an argument, we can usually find a way to let it go for the sake of the relationship.

3. We regularly find ways to do something big or small for each other.

4. When either of us are hurting, we know how to comfort the other.

5. We regularly give each other gifts, whether it's for an occasion or a sweet surprise .

6. We honor each other's requests to do something for the other.

7. We apologize or find ways to make amends when we argue.

8. We remember the little details about each other.

9. We are generous with our time and attention with each other.

10. We continually find ways to deepen our love and commitment to each other.


If you scored:

Between 40 and 50, likely you have a very loving and giving relationship that continues to grow over time. Keep up the good work!

Between 25 and 40, then likely there's some strengths in this area but you could use some improvement. It could be the one person gives more than the other or that you're missing each other completely in how to feel loved and cared for. Remember, it's important to do the little things for each other. Reading some great books on how to be more loving in your relationship may be helpful. See my marriage resources page for good ideas.

Below 25, likely you already know you're relationship is suffering in this area. You may get along okay but you may not feel fulfilled or that you're fully cared for in this relationship. Or, because this is missing, you might argue quite a bit. Either way, this is a very important area to address. Healthy, long lasting relationships have a strong giving component. We all want to feel loved and cared for in our relationships. Seek help! Contact me to set up your next appointment!