How to Flirt

Couples who have been together for a while often forget how to flirt with each other. And yet I hear so often from couples how they long to feel desired by their partners, they miss the chemistry and the romance. Flirting is a great way to inject a little playful romance and spice up your marriage.

Here are 7 ways to flirt:

1. Come up behind your partner, nuzzle his neck and whisper something sweet or something naughty in her ear.

2. When you're out to dinner, run your fingers or toes up the other's leg. Ladies touch your lips and upper chest as well as his arm or neck. Men, touch her neck or face, nuzzle her ear.

3. Write a romantic or sexy note and tuck it in his or her lunch. Texting is fine too but getting a little note is just a little sweeter and a little naughtier.

4. Send your partner a text or slip them a note to meet you in the bathtub or the bedroom in 5 minutes. Set up candles, be naked or in lingerie and have some music.

5. Meet your partner at their workplace at the end of the day (have arrangements made for the kids), bring some dinner and take your partner to a secluded area to eat and make out.

6. Jump in the shower with your partner one morning and wash his or her hair or chest or, well, you know.

7. Make a floor picnic and feed your partner finger foods -- fondue with cheese and chocolates are particularly fun.

You can flirt by doing something just a little different with your affection or just by recalling how you did it when you first met. It's not that hard. It's fun and a great way to keep the romance alive.

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