Is Marriage Worth Saving?

Is marriage worth saving, many people wonder, especially if they're in those often difficult "middle years" where things can get really bad.

You may be wondering if there’s too much “water under the bridge” or if there’s too much emotional distance to fight for your marriage. Maybe you just can’t do one more argument in front of the kids or maybe you’re just plain tired – tired of the arguing, the stress, the resentment and lack of trust. You might be thinking you’re just not compatible or that someone else out there will give you the love you want. When you come from this point of view, it certainly seems like divorce is the best option, and in some situations, it really is the right choice.

But consider coming from another point of is marriage worth saving. Consider for a moment that once upon a time you really did love each other. You may remember the time when you used to laugh together or just stare into each other’s eyes. Consider what you always wanted for your life and that likely it included growing old with the one you married. Consider that most of us have no idea when we get married what it really takes to keep a marriage together, nor how to really love each other. I’m referring to deep love—the kind of love that compels you to listen to each other, the love that drives you to champion each other’s dreams and to forgive easily and take personal responsibility. In the process of growing up and becoming more evolved as a human being, learning how to really love and be loved by someone is at the heart of it. Sometimes we just need a little guidance in how to do it.

The truth is for most people, we carry our baggage from relationship to relationship. There’s no guarantee that getting a divorce now will prevent you from having another failed relationship in the future. Most people who want out of their marriage just can’t stand the pain anymore. But what if getting out of the marriage is not the key to ending suffering? What if the way to personal fulfillment is really getting in your marriage? What if you could rediscover each other? What if you really did learn how to communicate? What if you could let go of the past and recreate your future together?

Would you then know is marriage worth saving?

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