Living Your Intentions (How I finally beat my husband at Scrabble)

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking, reading and studying about the act and power of setting intentions. It's powerful stuff and, in fact, if you want your mind blown on the science behind it check out Lynne McTaggart and The Intention Experiment.

It's so powerful that I used it to beat my husband at Scrabble the other night. I never beat him and, in fact, I almost always come in last in games I play with friends or family. As we set down to play, my husband was "talking smack" and so I quietly wrote down on the score sheet his name and then, instead of my name, I wrote down "The Winner."

After writing that, it was like a quiet gong went off deep in my belly (Ally McBeal fans-- you might recall the gong the Biscuit heard during a really good courtroom argument). I knew I was going to win. I then proceeded to get the highest score I've ever had and kicked his trash talkin' butt all over that board.

It was deeply satisfying. And, yet, I know many of you think: Well, Scrabble is one thing, but what about, you know, life stuff?

This morning I woke up a little anxious and overwhelmed. I journaled for a bit then meditated on today's intention of "Joy and Power." I felt joy and power running through my veins. I actually leaped up from my sitting position, excited about getting the day started. Normally, I laugh (code for being secretly envious) when I read about people who have mornings like that. Who actually wakes up with a heel-click-clap, ready to start their day?? Me, apparently after a little bit of coaxing.

Then about 45 minutes later, after running into some snags, I was annoyed and overwhelmed again. No joy. No power. Then it dawned on me that setting intentions is about calling the mysteries of the Universe forward; letting it know you're "open for business" so to speak. But, we also must act in partnership with the Universe and our intentions. Meaning, I actually have to choose joy and power. I have to be joy and power. We can easily put up the "closed" sign to the Universe if we don't stay in this partnership.

And, so I'm writing now with joy and power. I'm doing my client notes and all the rest of my tasks today with joy and power. I'm just choosing it. The Universe supports me in my intention when I do so.