Love Messages That Will Totally Melt
Your Lover's Heart

I don’t know about you but I’m a person who delights in hearing love messages from my partner.  I love to be told I’m beautiful and special and amazing and...(“Keep talkin’!”).  I hear all the time from clients how much loving words mean, and for many, it’s how they feel most loved. I know one husband who regularly texts his wife, “Hello My Queen” and “You are the love of my life.”  She loves it.  And yes, I know some of you aren’t “verbal.”  It’s harder for you to express yourself in words and you tend to show your love through actions.  And some of you just don't like to hear all those "touchy feely" words or have the belief that actions matter more than words.   Of course there's some truth to this. If you say "I love you" while being a jerk, it doesn't mean much.   Still, I believe it’s important for couples to directly express loving words to each other.  It's about taking an intentional moment to name the way you feel about your partner and ensure your partner clearly knows how you feel.   Some of the love messages below, especially when paired with loving actions, even have the power to heal old wounds.   Wouldn't you want to know the words that would totally light your lover up? 

Love Messages That Will Totally Melt Your Lover's Heart! 

As you look at the following list, what messages tug at your heart? What are ones you would love to hear?  What are the love messages you think your partner would like to hear? If you don’t know, ask.  And then as often as possible tell them. 

  • "You're such a good man/woman."
  • "You're so smart."
  • "I won't leave you."
  • "You're the one I've been waiting for."
  • "I've always learned so much from you."
  • “I love you unconditionally.”
  • “Nobody makes me laugh like you do.”
  • “I am completely committed to you.”
  • “You are so beautiful.”
  • “You are so sexy to me.”
  • “You're my prize.”
  • “I could hug and kiss you all day!”  
  • “I will keep you safe.”  
  • “You are so talented.”
  • “I will help you do hard things.”  
  • “I will tell you when you're out of line.”
  •  “I will pick you up when you fall.”
  • “I will help you accomplish your dreams.”
  • “I forgive you.”
  • “I want you to be happy.”  
  • “I deeply respect you.”
  • “I want to teach you new things.”
  •  “I know you'll do amazing things in this lifetime.”
  • “I won't ask you to do anything I don't expect of myself.”  
  • “Your wants and needs are so important to me.”  
  • “You are so precious to me.”
  • “You are an amazing father/mother.”
  • “I am so proud of you.”
  • “I'm so attracted to you.”
  • “You work so hard for our family.”
  • “I am so grateful for you.”  
  • “I trust you.”

 Say it in a text message. Write it on the bathroom mirror.   Put a note in their lunch. Whisper in their ear before going to sleep.  

Choose to be loving every day.  

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