Marriage Romance: Keeping the Fire Alive

Wondering how to fit in marriage romance into your busy week? It seems there's not enough time just to get a walk in together or see a movie or go to dinner -- LET ALONE, making it romantic!!

I'm sure we all have different ideas about what is and is not romantic and each couple will have to decide what works and what doesn't. For example, a baseball game with a pitcher of beer may be romantic to some while nothing short of a candle lit dinner with champagne is romantic to others.

But, how can we infuse marriage romance into our daily and weekly lives -- especially when there's so many other things grabbing for our attention? And, what will make us just do it rather than thinking, "Oh what nice ideas those are" and then just returning to life as usual?

To the second question I ask this, where do your priorities lie? Is your relationship important to you? Can email or the dishes or the yard work wait an hour?

Sometimes it's not even about our priorities but rather just lack of thought, attention or planning. We may adore our spouses but don't always think about doing something romantic on a daily or weekly basis. I've come to realize that if I want to do it on a consistent basis, I need to put it on my calendar along with all my other tasks. Maybe that's not so romantic, but the outcome certainly is!

To the first question of how to infuse it into our daily lives, here are five ideas for quick romance.

1. Take a bath together. Yes, I know it's been suggested before, overused in romantic movies, perhaps. But, really, what's more romantic than taking an hour with candlelight, a glass of bubbly and suds with the one you love?

2. Writing messages on mirrors or post-its for your lover to find in the morning or in their lunch sack. It can be something sexy or sweet.

3. Dropping by unannounced at his or her workplace for picnic lunch. Keep it simple and sweet. If that's not possible, set up a picnic on your living room floor (or back yard) for when he or she gets home.

4. Place a single rose in his or her car. It's a simple statement of love, thought, devotion or passion.

5. Dance in the living room together to a few romantic songs. Pull out your wedding song or songs from your first date.

Have fun and remember that caring for your relationship only takes moments, but the effects last a lifetime.

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