Men Who Don't Like to Perform Oral Sex

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Sometimes women tell me that their husband or boyfriend refuses to perform oral sex on them. This is not the norm; as most men prefer to go down on the women in their lives. But there are certainly men out there who don't seem to enjoy it.

There are a variety of reasons men cite for not wanting to perform oral sex. One reason is that they don’t feel confidence in their performance, unsure if they can please their woman. Others simply don’t like the taste, smell, or texture of female genitals. And, others find it either too intimate or too boring or too uncomfortable, sometimes having really bad experiences in the past with oral sex.

The problem with men not wanting to go down on their woman is that most women need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Oral sex can be the most pleasurable and direct way for a woman to achieve orgasm. It also makes a woman feel deeply desired and cared for during sex. When it’s refused, she often feels dirty, unlovable and rejected. Giving to each other orally is ultimately an act of deep intimacy and trust. If you’re a loving husband who won’t incorporate oral sex into your lovemaking, consider how you’re limiting your expression of love as well as how you’re making your woman feel.

So, I encourage those of you who shun oral sex to give it a try! Try it in the shower or right after. Try using flavored lubricants designed for oral sex. Try experimenting oral sex with her genitals completely or partially shaved. Try doing it for short periods of time initially and working up to longer periods, noticing her response and level of excitement. The point is just to try it! See as a gift completely for her and how good it feels just to give to her.

If you don’t get past your objections, she may just look for a man who loves to please her that way. Believe me, there are plenty of men out there ready and willing.

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