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Premarital Counseling

Couples are increasingly seeking out premarital counseling.  Smart couples know that it's not enough to be "in love." Relationships that last a lifetime take work! Whether you're newly engaged or simply know you've found the one, you want to know how to make your relationship the best it can be!

Imagine having the essential resources and guidance to help you really get to know each other and give you all the tools you need to create a lasting, loving relationship.   

I've helped hundreds of couples who are about to embark on a lifetime commitment. They are usually quite happy in their new love together but these smart couples also know they will need the best tools and will need to ask the right questions in order to maintain a fulfilling relationship. These couples want to really know each other and learn the secrets to make their love last!  If you're here, you're one of those smart couples too!

You've found the one.  

Now get the tools to help make your love last! 

Three Options to Help You Get Ready for Marriage! 


Get the ultimate new relationship guide, "We're In Love!...Now What? The Essential Guide to Building Your New Life Together." 

  • 100's of Essential Questions
  • Tools and advice on all the major topics like communication, values/needs, in-laws, sex, money, parenting and more! 


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Digital Book Plus

To really allow you to "Do-it-Yourself," get the complete package! You'll get the ebook AND the accompanying digital workbook to help you explore and share all the essential questions for your relationship.  

PLUS, you'll also get:

#1   Mini ebook and workbook to help  with:  

  • Wedding Planning
  • Writing your vows
  •  Avoiding common pitfalls

#2     Relationship Checkups to help you see how healthy and strong you are in multiple areas of your relationship! 


Learn more and see what's inside! 

Private Coaching

Get private, individualized premarital coaching!  I'll help you cover all the major topics such as: 

  • Managing conflict
  • Learning how to stay close and connected. 
  • Managing Intense/Negative Emotions
  • Parenting and step-parenting
  • Differences in values and personality traits
  • Managing money together
  • Sex and romance
  • Handling work and household responsibilities
  • Dealing with in-laws
  • Dealing with religious, racial and cultural differences

Unique Features

  • Fully customizable to your relationship and needs!
  • The ebook, "We're In Love...Now what?" is included for free!
  • Non-Faith based and inclusive to all kinds of couples.
  • Online (Skype/Video Chat) for non-local couples. 

See below for Package Pricing and Details

"In premarital counseling Karen helped us to not only recognize the things that are exceptional about our relationship, but also face the hard topics that can easily be brushed under the carpet and cause problems later. Our meetings really prepared a foundation of understanding for us to build our trust in each other over the years. Thanks, Karen!"

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 Premarital Programs & Packages

Three Session Relationship Checkup/Marriage Education

This package of session is for couples who feel very strongly about their relationship, have had very little issues and just want to make sure they're "dotting their I's and crossing their T's" when it comes to getting married.  These packages are fully customized to your needs but generally include the following format:

  • The first session is focused on your strengths, shared values, family of origin marital history and your emotional needs.
  • The second session is focused on evaluating your points of view on finances, sex, work, in-laws, holidays, personal time vs. couple time and other important couples issues. 
  • The third session is focused on helping you two create a shared vision for the future and a support plan to fulfill your individual and couple dreams!

The price for this package is $285 (25% Discount!)

5 Session Premarital Package

This set of sessions includes the content above and also includes focusing on solving a particular problem area as well as more on couple communication and intimacy.  It can be a great option if you've hit a few bumps but overall feel very strongly about your relationship.

The fee for this package is $450. (30% Discount!)

Ongoing Couples Counseling

Sometimes couples have been living together a long time or have hit some major bumps along the way before they've decided to get married.  They may have had trust breeches or are dealing with blending families.  Ongoing counseling, which can typically be 10 to 20 sessions, may be the best option.  

You can purchase single sessions at $120 per session or you can purchase a package of 5 Sessions for $500

Can't decide? Give me a call and I'll talk it through with you!

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