A Great Way to Make Marriage Sex Hot!

Why quickies? Sex moves in cycles in our relationships. Sometimes it's frequent; sometimes it's rare; sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. All of these fluctuations are completely normal as we're never going to be on top of our game all the time. However while normal, you do want to consciously work yourself out of the ruts, routines and few and far betweens.

A really fun way to spice up your marriage again is to engage in quickies. These are great because there will definitely come a time when you don't have 30 minutes to an hour to space or you're simply just too exhausted to give it your all.  However, they can be a little tricky. They are supposed to be spontaneous, but there are definitely ways to help them go more smoothly. 

1. Prepare yourself accordingly

When it comes to quickies, there is no time for foreplay, so be sure you are already excited and have primed your partner. Try sending sexy text message or a quick photo of yourself. This will plant the seed and get you excited in the process.  Not being properly revved up can impede the process so be sure to take this step.   Having a bottle of lube with you, especially the ones with warming elements, is a great way to add heat when you don't have much time to build intensity.  For great variety, check out adult sex stores like Adam & Eve.  You'll find loads of other ideas on this site to spice things up too, by the way! 

2. Try a new location

Once you feel like you have primed your partner, try to pick a place that you haven't have sex before as this will aid in the excitement and add an additional rush element to it. Start small if you're nervous about leaving the bedroom. Head for the kitchen, the laundry room and maybe even your car.  

3. Don't strip down

Leave some clothes on for the deed. This will add an air of mystery (even if your partner has seen you naked a million times) and make it easier to get dressed afterwards or if someone comes in. Ladies, your best bet is to wear a dress. This will make access easy for your partner. Men, you should stick with a pair of pants that allows for easy zip down and removal. 

4. Positions, positions, positions

Finding the proper position to ensure pleasurable, quick sex happens can definitely be a trial and error situation. But let's face it, you don't have a lot of time. Some easy go-to positions include: up against a wall, doggy-style or leaning over a chair. You will have to be similar in height if you want the wall sex position to work.   The more you practice, the better you'll get at this!

5. Get creative:

Quick sex doesn't have to mean predictable sex. Get creative with it by incorporating some role play or dirty talk. It will help build the fantasy and get the two of you even more excited.

6. And, time!

Finally, keep your quickie under five minutes. Anything beyond that is liable to trap you in for far longer than you planned. Keep it upright, out of bed and focused on one thing: geting off. Try to keep it quick, otherwise, well, it's no longer a quickie.

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