Relationship Quiz: How is Your Communication?

Use the following free relationship quiz to rate your communication issues on a scale from 1 to 5.

5 = Always
3 = Sometimes
1 = Never

After your results are calculated, see results at the end of the quiz.

1. When we argue, small issues suddenly become big ones for no apparent reason.

2. We sometimes say or do things we later regret during arguments.

3. We have a hard time validating each other when we disagree.

4. We struggle to come to a mutually satisfying resolution after an argument is over.

5. One or both of us feels emotionally overwhelmed or heated during arguments.

6. One or both of us have difficulty apologizing or re-establishing connection after an argument.

7. We don't check in with each other throughout the day.

8. We tend to sweep issues under the rug and let things pile up.

9. We tend to misunderstand each other or hurt each other's feelings.

10. We tend to bring up past issues in current arguments.


If you scored 30 or more points, chances are you already know communication is a big problem. You're feeling frustrated, disconnected and overwhelmed. I highly recommend either getting into marriage counseling or signing up for my free articles, one is a how to guide on communicating!

If you scored less than 30 points, likely you do struggle sometimes but overall might do pretty well with communication.  If it starts to change, don't let it get worse.  Because often when it does, it gets much much worse! 

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