Stop Being Stuck and Start Making Love!

“You always say no when I want to have sex!” “Well, you never tell me you love me or even give me a hug when I come home! Why would I want to have sex with you!?”

Sound familiar? Perhaps in your own relationship you’re caught up in the bind that Rick and Donna used to be caught up in. Rick couldn’t understand why Donna lost all her desire for him and felt very frustrated and lonely. Donna didn’t feel loved or appreciated and certainly didn’t want to do that with him! She was lonely too.

When they came to see me, their marriage was on the brink. They needed help fast. We talked about what it means to make love “outside the bedroom” I gave them tools for developing emotional intimacy and we talked a lot about seduction, what sex and romance means for both of them and exercises to heat up their sex life as well as deepen their emotional connection.

Now Rick understands that warmth, words of appreciation, and lots of physical affection makes Donna feel closer to him. To his delight, he also now gets how a good foot rub and a few kisses in just the right spot can drive Donna a little wild. Donna understands that Rick needs the sexual connection with her to feel close and has learned strategies to reconnect to the irresistible sexy woman she once knew herself to be. Now, they can’t keep their hands off each other!

It wasn’t that hard. Rick and Donna were just willing to get out of the bind and really understand what the other person needed and wanted. With a little guidance, you can get unstuck and start making a lot more love too!