Want to see testimonials about Karen's work with clients? See what clients are saying about Karen Holland of Reinventing Relationships! 

"Karen is the sole reason I am still married, and SO happy in my marriage. She is a completely neutral sounding board, but gently guided me into seeing what I could do better in my marriage, and what my triggers and insecurities are. She is a gentle, calming presence, and I feel like she truly cares about mine and my husband's well-being. I always feel less stressed and happier when I leave my sessions with her. I can not say enough good things about her, and recommend her without hesitation!!!" -Client

"Karen is a very qualified and caring professional. She has helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She was always caring and compassionate and provided me with the tools to help myself find my way back. I will be eternally grateful for the love and support she has shown me." - Client

"Karen was great to work with. She listened to us and helped us talk through things. When we told her we didn't want kids, she believed us - unlike every other person we've ever talked to. She was sweet and frank." - Client

"Karen was the most down to earth counselor I've been to and I've been struggling with issues since I was a teenager. She helped me to feel inspired and cared about. I felt she truly cared about me as a person and not just a client. She even gave me her email address to counsel me when I didn't have an appointment as part of the process. This was so helpful since I could free flow my feelings and process things when they came to the surface and not have to wait for the appointment. I strongly recommend Karen and have to several of my close friends." - client

"In premarital counseling Karen helped us to not only recognize the things that are exceptional about our relationship, but also face the hard topics that can easily be brushed under the carpet and cause problems later. Our meetings really prepared a foundation of understanding for us to build our trust in each other over the years. Thanks, Karen!" -TR

"Karen is wonderful. She has, essentially, saved our relationship. My boyfriend was hesitant about engaging in counseling at all, and even he likes her! She has a great sense of humor, while maintaining her professionalism. Karen really knows her stuff, and I especially appreciate when she is straightforward and honest. She is also warm and kind. I would recommend Karen (and have!)." - client

"My wife and I worked very closely with Karen for more than a year. During that time we resolved a variety of issues that had eroded our relationship to the point we could hardly hold on to the goodness between us. Karen fostered our communication and helped us to regain the trust we had lost. We both consider her a good friend and look forward to working with her in the future." - client

"Karen is one in a million! The time I spent with Karen was truly life changing for me. The support and guidance I received is something that I will never forget." - VR

"She gave us all the tools to save our relationship. We wouldn't be together if it wasn't for Karen." - client

"Karen is great! She is easy to talk to and has fantastic people skills. She makes it easy to step outside of your comfort zone, open up to new ideas and to take the first step in trying something new..."  - client

"I am no longer afraid of seeing a counselor. You have made this a great experience and helped us save our relationship!" - client

"Karen offers a patient and supportive ear.  She guides you to find solutions on your own. I never felt judged regardless of the intimate details I shared with her.  She allowed me to explore my relationship and offered insight I couldn't have found on my own." - client

"Karen was not only a therapist to me, but a friend. I looked forward to my sessions with her - it was similar to talking to friend, in the compassion and sense of openness she exuded. Yet she was extremely insightful and really was able to hone in on the underlying issues, in order to make a change. I would recommend Karen to anyone. She helped turn my life around. I am very grateful to Karen." - KW

"I do not believe that my personal growth would be at its existing level without Karen's guidance. Books help, but there is nothing like the insights that Karen provides. She has been instrumental with helping me to find those pathways that have not only greatly improved my relationships, but also my career to. Looking into my own issues and working through these has been one of the best things I have done from myself"-  JG

**For Testimonials, clients were asked to respond in an anonymous survey.  No names were requested to protect client confidentiality.

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