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Tips to Improve Sex Life

Are you looking for Tips to Improve Sex Life? Commit to following these pointers:

1. Just do it. No excuses. Remember the statistic that actually people who work more than 60 hours per week have more sex? And parents still have more sex than single adults. The trick is that you have to do it, whether you feel like it or not!. What happens is that typically once you start, you'll find yourself "in the mood."

See the book Just Do it by Doug Brown which is about how he and his wife had sex for 101 consecutive days. The book is funny, heart warming and a tender exploration of the intimacy they created over those 3 1/2 months. The book also has great tips on recharging your sex life.

2. Check out or buy books about sex. Get erotica, sex positions books, Kama Sutra. Check out how to videos or even rent porn that you both might like. The trick is to keep sex on the brain.

3. Talk about it. Exchange lists like: "During sex, I wish you would...." Or, if talking is difficult, use one of the books you bought and circle a position or chapter or story that indicates what you want.

4. Spend time during the week focusing on the positive attributes of the other. Do small gestures of affection or appreciation (notes, hugs/kisses, holding hands, small gifts, etc) and spend quality time together. Men, I've heard women say, the sexiest thing a man can do is load the dishwasher for me! For men, they seem to appreciate when women wear sexy underwear and skirts rather than their ratty, "comfy" panties or sweatpants. This means that both men and women have to be conscious of the ways their partner feels loved and cared for outside the bedroom.

5. Keep yourselves physically fit. Sex if physical and exposing! Obviously, we feel more attractive if we're in better shape, but we also tend to have higher libidos when we're physically fit.  You don't necessarily have to focus on getting your body perfectly toned. Focus on exercises that boost cardio and flexibility.  

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