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Trust Quiz

How Much Do You Trust Your Partner? Take this Trust Quiz

Use this Trust Quiz to rate how much you trust your partner. Trust is critical to maintaining closeness and happiness in relationships. When it breaks down, communication falls apart, distance seeps in and the whole relationship can start to deteriorate.

Take the following Trust Quiz and type in numbers 1 to 5.

5= Always
3 = Sometimes
1 = Never

1. I feel like I can tell my partner anything that needs to be said.

2. I know my partner keeps my needs and concerns in mind.

3. I can rely on my partner to, in general, do what they say they will do.

4. I never feel the need to check my partner's phone or email messages.

5. I can share my sexual needs and interests with my partner.

6. When I share something vulnerable about myself I know my partner won't hurt me later with that information.

7. I feel like my partner will do just about anything for me.

8. If we have a big fight, I know we'll eventually make up.

9. I can relax around my partner and just be myself.

10. If I'm hurting or upset, I know my partner will care about what's going on.


If you scored between 40 to 50 points, you have a high degree of trust in your relationship. You feel safe and confident in who you partner is and who they can be for you.

If you scored between 30 to 40 points , you sometimes feel there is trust but likely there's been damage in certain areas. It's important to notice the items you scored low on and look to see how you can repair or improve in that area.

If you scored between 20 to 30 points , you don't have a high degree of trust and closeness is probably suffering. You may be tolerating things you shouldn't and may not be very happy and fulfilled.

If you scored less than 20 points you have very little trust in your relationship and it may even indicate that you are experiencing emotional abuse or are with someone who doesn't make you feel very good. Seek help. 

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