What to Do if YouR wife says she is leaving

Do you want to know what to do if your wife says she is leaving? If you read my blog, “Wife Unhappy Pay Attention” you’ll know that the first thing to do is stop everything and take action.  Likely if she’s reached the point where she’s ready to pack her bags, she’s very unhappy and quite serious about potentially ending the relationship.

But, what specific actions steps can you take?

1. First say something along the lines of, “Clearly I’ve really missed something important here and I’m sorry that’s happened.  I really want to understand what’s going on and how we can make it better.”

2. Listen to her and then take some time to reflect on the following:

  •        If I lost her and my family, how would that change my life? What would really become most important at the thought of losing her?
  •       Are there things she’s asking of me that I really cannot do?
  •       Are there ways in which I know I haven’t been a good husband and am willing to take responsibility for those things?

3.  After reflection go back and try to talk to her.  If you know deep down that you don’t want to lose her, that you’re willing to do what it takes to get things back on track, then you must take the lead in making those things happen. If she wants counseling, set it up.  If she wants you to take the time to wine her and dine her, make it happen. If she wants you to be open up, be more affectionate and vulnerable.  Be willing to be the bigger person.

4. Share with her what’s been bothering you (if something has been) and why you have been holding back as a husband.  Maybe you’re clear it’s about you and your own personal struggles. Maybe it’s about something she’s doing that repeatedly hurts you.  She needs to know.  You can no longer afford to avoid conflict because you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good Saturday afternoon.  Auto-pilot is no longer an option.  

Lastly, just because I'm advising you on what to do if your wife says she is leaving, does not mean that everything is your fault.   It means she’s fed up with the state of your relationship and is willing to do something about it.  Now you have to decide what you’re willing to do to win her heart back and get your relationship to a better, happier place for both of you. 

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